Hot Flash FAQs

By henley.tabal
January 15, 2023

When it comes to hot flashes, the most commonly asked question is: how do I get them to stop? But you might have some other questions as well – read on! How Do I Know if I’m Having Hot Flashes? The short answer is that you’ll know! However, each woman experiences hot flashes differently. They can ... read more

Dealing With Menopause

By henley.tabal
August 15, 2022

Whether you’ve had symptoms of menopause for years or you have just started to notice them, you are probably tired of this stage of life already – hot flashes and other symptoms can get old fast. You do have options, however, for dealing with your menopause symptoms so that you can feel better. Read on ... read more

Hot Flashes and You

By admin
December 15, 2019

The instant feeling of heat, as if you just walked out of your air-conditioned office into another Burleson July day — you’re having a hot flash. You picture jumping into Lake Superior in January like some Polar Bear Club Member in Minnesota. You want to crawl into your refrigerator. You’re suddenly envious of those emperor ... read more

Have Some Questions About Menopause?

By Womens Health Medical Group
May 15, 2019

Menopause. Just the word makes women who aren’t yet to the age get a feeling of dread. Hot flashes. Sleep issues. Moodiness. What’s to come? In this month’s Women’s Health Medical Group blog, let’s address a few of the most common questions about menopause. What is it? Menopause is the life stage for a woman ... read more

Does Menopause = Decreasing Interest in Sex?

By Womens Health Medical Group
June 15, 2018

At Women’s Health Medical Group, we have patients who are passing through menopause or who have completed it who complain about a decreased interest in sex. They wonder what’s behind the changes, as their relationship hasn’t changed and other factors, such as job stress, aren’t present. The answer is menopause can decrease a woman’s sex ... read more

Dealing with Hot Flashes

By Womens Health Medical Group
May 15, 2017

If you’re nearing or in menopause, you have far more experience with hot flashes than you would like. Hot flashes happen in around 70 percent of North American women during perimenopause and almost all women with menopause. Still, if you’re a bit younger and wondering what your future holds, or if you want ways to ... read more

Menopause 101 – Understanding the Signs and Symptoms

By editor
December 15, 2015

The symptoms that come with menopause can be challenging. While some women have few symptoms, other experience a number of changes. Here are some changes that may occur with menopause: Mood Changes You could experience fatigue, anxiety, irritability and crying spells around the time of menopause. Deep-breathing exercises, good nutrition and daily exercise may help ... read more

Chemicals in Your Home and Your Risk of Early Menopause

By editor
November 15, 2015

It certainly isn’t breaking news that some of the chemicals found in household products can put as risk for serious health problems. But while we tend to think of these chemicals as possible culprits in conditions like cancers, allergies, and asthma, you may not have considers that certain products may be adding to your risk ... read more

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