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How to Treat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

March 15, 2024

Women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome may have irregular menstrual cycles—or none at all. They may also experience fertility problems, oily skin, and excess hair growth. It often affects women who are obese. While there is no specific test to determine if you have POCS, your doctor may do a lab evaluation and request a sonogram based ... read more

Everything You Need to Know about Human Papillomavirus

February 15, 2024

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a viral infection that causes warts to develop on different parts of your body, depending on the strain of the virus. HPV Is More Common Than You Might Realize HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI), affecting more than 42 million people in the United States, according to the Centers for ... read more

Why Ovarian Cysts Can Cause Infertility

January 15, 2024

As an internal condition affecting the function of the ovaries and uterus, ovarian cysts, when diagnosed, immediately trigger a question in patients about whether the ability to become pregnant is affected. Technically, they involve fluid-filled growth that starts on the ovary itself. They are confirmed with either ultrasound or a similar internal imaging tool, and doctors ... read more

Could Hypothyroidism Be Affecting Your Fertility?

December 15, 2023

Thyroid disorders are the most prevalent endocrine conditions that affect women. Hypothyroidism, in which the gland does not produce enough hormone, can cause issues with energy levels, mood, and fertility. Unfortunately, many women are unaware of how hypothyroidism presents, and they may write off the symptoms instead of receiving the treatment they deserve. While it can ... read more

What Is Premature Menopause?

November 15, 2023

The average age of onset for menopause is the early 50s, but some women experience this hormonal shift far earlier in life. Premature menopause causes the body to stop producing certain hormones and ends menstruation in a woman’s 20s, 30s, or 40s. As the ovaries no longer produce eggs, women who go through menopause early can have ... read more

Beyond Period Pain: Exploring the Impact of Endometriosis

October 15, 2023

Endometriosis is a condition that often remains shrouded in silence and misunderstanding. While many may be familiar with the term, the true impact of endometriosis goes far beyond the realm of simple period pain. This chronic medical condition affects millions of people worldwide, causing physical, emotional, social, and psychological challenges. Understanding Endometriosis Endometriosis occurs when tissue ... read more

Why You May Need a Thyroid Screening

September 15, 2023

Feeling under the weather for an extended period can mean various things. But if over-the-counter medication and sleep haven't gotten you feeling back to yourself, you may benefit from a thyroid screening. Thyroid malfunction, whether hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, can result in undesirable symptoms. Let's look at when to undergo a screening and how that can help ... read more

What Exactly Does an OB-GYN Do?

By henley.tabal
August 15, 2023

An obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN) is a practitioner of medicine who specializes in both obstetrics and gynecology and the treatment and care of female reproductive health. Although both of these two branches deal with the female reproductive system, obstetrics focuses on pregnant women, while gynecology treats a wider variety of reproductive conditions and diseases. If you have ... read more

Colon Cancer Risk Factors to Be Aware Of

By henley.tabal
July 15, 2023

Colon cancer is one of the three most common cancers that people are diagnosed with every year. Cancer is the uncontrolled reproduction of cells and requires treatment in its early stages for the highest chance of success. That’s why it’s important to understand your colon cancer risks. That way, you know how often you should ... read more

What You Should Know About the Aftermath of a C-Section

By henley.tabal
June 15, 2023

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but the thought of giving birth can be scary. Most women are familiar with vaginal births, but fewer women are informed about cesareans (c-sections). C-sections are undoubtedly high-risk operations. Our blog discusses some of the recovery processes associated with having a cesarean birth. Recovering From a C-Section Intermittent Pain You will ... read more

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