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Dealing with Hot Flashes

By Womens Health Medical Group
May 15, 2017

If you’re nearing or in menopause, you have far more experience with hot flashes than you would like. Hot flashes happen in around 70 percent of North American women during perimenopause and almost all women with menopause. Still, if you’re a bit younger and wondering what your future holds, or if you want ways to ... read more

Dealing with Urinary Incontinence

By Womens Health Medical Group
April 15, 2017

If you’ve had a problem controlling your bladder, you’re not alone. In a large study conducted in 2005 involving 23 million women, 38% said they’d suffered at least one episode of urinary incontinence in the last year. At Women’s Health Medical Group, we can treat your incontinence. More statistics More statistics from that study: 13.7% ... read more

When Your Pelvic Floor Feels Like It’s Dropping

By Womens Health Medical Group
March 15, 2017

Your pelvic floor is a group of muscles and other tissues that form a kind of sling across your pelvis. In women, this sling holds the uterus, bladder, bowel, and other pelvic organs in place so that they can work properly. However, pregnancy and childbirth can cause your pelvic floor to become weakened or injured. ... read more

Knowing Osteoporosis

By Womens Health Medical Group
February 15, 2017

If you’re a woman over age 50, you may be focused on menopause. But this is a time to also think about osteoporosis. This bone disease occurs when the body loses too much bone, makes too little bone, or both. As a result, bones become weak and may break from a fall or, in serious ... read more

Don’t Forget Your Skin in 2017

By Womens Health Medical Group
January 15, 2017

While we are your resource for your gynecological, obstetrics, and fertility needs at Women’s Health Medical Group, we’re also concerned about your overall health. With that in mind, we want to give you a little primer on protecting your skin against the sun and the threat of skin cancer. After all, most of us have ... read more

Things You Need to Know About the Pill

By Womens Health Medical Group
December 15, 2016

You may be surprised to know the percentage of American women who use birth control — only 62 percent. But you’re probably not surprised by the most popular form of that birth control — the pill. Over 10.5 million U.S. women are on the pill. But that doesn’t mean they know much about it. Since ... read more

What NOT to Eat When You’re Expecting

By Womens Health Medical Group
December 15, 2016

If you’re eating for two, you already know that maintaining a healthy diet is important.  But when it comes to eating while you’re pregnant, it’s also important to know which foods to avoid – foods that contain bacteria and chemicals that can be harmful to you and baby. But how do you know what you ... read more

Feeling Too Amped? It Could Be Your Thyroid

By Womens Health Medical Group
November 15, 2016

At the Women’s Health Medical Group thyroid screening is one of the typical screenings we do to check that the thyroid is functioning normally. This is important because the hormones released by the thyroid control energy level, menstrual regularity, temperature control, weight gain/loss, heart rate, breathing, and bowel function, among other things. Too much thyroid ... read more

Dealing with PMS

By Womens Health Medical Group
October 15, 2016

Here’s a good one. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology defines premenstrual syndrome as “The cyclic occurrence of symptoms that are sufficiently severe to interfere with some aspects of life, and that appear consistent and predictable relationship to the menses (menstrual period).” To which you just said, “Duh.” The period before your period, with ... read more

Protecting Against HPV

By Womens Health Medical Group
September 15, 2016

At the Women’s Health Medical Group, we view prevention as every bit as important as treatment. This is especially true when it comes to the human papillomavirus (HPV). There are more than 40 different kinds of HPV that can infect the genitalia, mouth, and throats of both men and women. We offer three different vaccines ... read more

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