Dealing With Morning Sickness

By henley.tabal
November 15, 2022

Young pregnant woman suffering from toxicosis at homeMorning sickness is a very common part of pregnancy – about 70% of women report they have dealt with it during pregnancy. And while you should discuss all aspects of your pregnancy with your doctor (even those that seem to be so common!), there are some home remedies that are safe to try when dealing with morning sickness every day.

Why do pregnant women get morning sickness?

Ask any woman who has ever been pregnant, and she’ll tell you that nausea and vomiting isn’t just restricted to the morning. It can happen at any time of the day or night, and it doesn’t just happen during the first 3 months of pregnancy – some women are sick throughout their pregnancy. It is thought that changing hormones causes morning sickness.

What can you do about morning sickness?

Morning sickness certainly isn’t any fun, but there are a few things you can try to make it a bit more bearable:

• Eat often. If you do find yourself sick first thing in the morning, it may be because your stomach is empty. Even before getting out of bed, eat a few crackers, and throughout the day eat many small meals instead of three large ones.

• Drink lots of fluids. This can help you to feel less nauseous and will also help to keep you hydrated. Aim for 8 to 12 cups of fluid (without caffeine) every day.

• Stick with bland foods. Avoid spicy and fatty foods.

• Ask other women what has worked for them. Some women find relief with acupuncture, hypnosis, or aromatherapy, while other women swear by ginger, either in candy, capsule, or ginger-ale form.

• Avoid smells and foods that make you nauseous. (Which probably goes without saying.)

Make sure to discuss all of your pregnancy symptoms with your doctor. He or she will want to make sure that your morning sickness isn’t causing serious loss of fluids or causing you to lose too much weight, and they may also have an over-the-counter medication suggestion that will help. And if you have any questions or concerns about your pregnancy, contact Women’s Health Medical Group at (817) 345-5336!



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