Don’t Think Colon Cancer is a Man’s Thing

By Womens Health Medical Group
February 15, 2018

Colon Cancer Fort Worth TXAs one of the more deadly cancers for men, it can be easy for women to overlook colon cancer. And while we all do our breast self-exams and we get that suspicious skin growth looked at, we tend to forget to think about watching for signs of colon cancer.

At Women’s Health Medical Group, we provide colon cancer screenings for our patients. And we can refer you to gastroenterologists if need be. In the meantime, you need to keep an eye out for colon cancer. It is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in women. Here are some signs to look for.

You see dark red in your bowel movements

Yes, you need to pay attention to what is in the bowl, courtesy of your bowel. A speck of bright red blood on toilet paper could be just small hemorrhoid or abrasion. But large amounts of blood in the stool merits a call to us. The blood will be black-tinged or maroon, and it’s a sign that there is bleeding further up in the colon.

Constipation that continues

Every woman has some occasional constipation, but if this becomes more prolonged you need to take note: this could be a sign there is a blockage in your colon. Here’s the scoop on poop. At the beginning of the colon, your poop is soft, and it can get around obstacles. As it makes its way toward the end of the colon, it firms up. If it encounters a tumor at the end of the rectum, it has a tough time getting by. Enduring constipation needs to be checked. So, by the way, does enduring diarrhea.

Cramps come out of nowhere

If you are getting cramps in the lower stomach sure they can be gas from that Mexican food you ate, or they could be something more serious. If they seem out of place, or if you feel as if you need to go but can’t, that’s time to call us.

Thin is not in

We’re not all poop experts, but if yours has become very thin, that’s a concern. It could mean something like a tumor is blocking your colon, forcing your stool into a narrow form to pass. Again, this is time to call us.

And don’t think you’re too young to get colon cancer. Research is showing a steady uptick in the number of colon and rectal cancers among younger people. People born in 1990 have double the risk of colon cancer and quadruple the risk of rectal cancer compared to those born in 1950. Research is being conducted to figure out why, but if you’re in that younger age group, be warned.

If you’re having any of the above symptoms/problems, call the team at Women’s Health Medical Group today, (817) 346-5336.

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