Benefits of Robotic Gynecologic Surgery

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July 31, 2015

The robotic gynecologic surgical procedures, if correctly used, has consistently proven itself to be very useful for not only surgeons, but also for the patients. It is recommended that patients conduct this procedure only at specialist clinics for an ideal outcome.

Surgeons use the robotic technology to see the body of the patient from the inside via tiny incursions made at high magnification, natural field depth and brilliant color.

Benefits of  Robotic Surgery for Gynecologic Issues

Robotic surgery has multiple benefits over orthodox gynecologic procedures. These include, but not restricted to

  • They carry a much lesser risk of both surgical complications and also post-surgical complications. The activity of minimal incisions could reduce the excessive blood loss and also the pain which could occur during the course of surgery. Scarring is also minimized after the completion of the procedure.
  • The robotic surgery has a much higher accuracy rate. This is made possible by high technology instruments and the adoption of modern methods. Surgeons can effectively and accurately perform a number of different gynecologic procedures. It is seen that about 98 percent of the total women who were recipients of robotic surgery are satisfied with the procedure. The outcome also was welcomed.
  • Hospital stays are much shorter in case of robotic gynecologic surgery. A few women, depending on the procedure, could leave their hospital same day or next day post surgery. It has the beneficial effects of lower hospital expenses. To give an example, it is seen that about 90 percent of patients leave the hospital the same day or the day after having the surgery.
  • Recovery times are much shorter. A majority of women could resume daily activities. They returned back to the life they led within a period of two weeks after the procedure.
  • Robotic gynecologic surgery improves patient safety by a considerable margin through the reduction of tissue damage and minimizing loss of blood. The incidence of scar tissue is also minimized. Recovery time is also much less.

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