Why Uterine Fibroids Should Not be Neglected

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September 15, 2015

Everyone has fibroids in their uterus – they are a natural part of your genetic blueprint and are a part of your body until you hit menopause. At this point, these fibroids start reducing in size. Uterine Fibroids become a problem when you face symptoms such as heavy menstrual bleeding, frequent urination, constipation, extended periods that can last up to seven days or more among other factors. The growth of fibroids in your body is stimulated by the levels of progesterone and estrogen in your body. Usually, when your fibroids start causing problems – the main reason is an irregularity in the level of estrogen in your system.

Never Neglect Uterine Fibroids

It is important to remember at the onset that uterine fibroids are not lethal, they can be healed and in most cases – you do not need to get your uterus removed. Taking over the counter medication, birth control pills or pain relievers can help you fight the overlying discomfort, but may push you towards a point where more severe problems can occur.

  • Stabbing pain in the pelvis: What started off as one painkiller per day during your periods could easily wind up turning into multiple numbers after several years. Medications exist that can actually shrink your fibroids and reduce the need for alternative medications altogether. Fighting the pain while avoiding the root problem could both be more expensive and dangerous to your body in the longer run.
  • Surgery: Professional intervention in the form of surgery is required when your fibroids start growing out of control. Neglecting your fibroids may require expensive medical procedures such as myomectomy to help you cope with this disease. Even after surgery, it is important to remember that all your fibroids will never be removed. In fact, they can start to re-grow and continue to do that until you hit menopause.
  • Hysterectomy: Pushed to its furthest extreme, uterine fibroids could require the complete removal of your uterus from your body. An operation that may be avoided by paying proper attention to your body, a hysterectomy is only advised when the doctor is sure that no other options will work

You don’t need to live with Uterine Fibroids- get in touch with the team at Women's Health to help you with the right treatment to discuss your options. Please call us at 817-346-5336 to speak with our professionals.

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