Changes You’ll Have During Pregnancy

By Womens Health Medical Group
June 15, 2020

At Women’s Health Medical Group, a big part of our practice is obstetrics and helping our patients manage the period from conception to birth. In other blogs, we covered what to expect during your first trimester, good stuff to eat and not eat, keys to a healthy pregnancy, and other items.

But what about how your body changes? Sure, you’re going to get a bigger tummy, but your body changes in lots of other ways that many women going through a first-time pregnancy never expected.

From the day you conceive until you deliver, your body will continue to change and evolve. Here are some of the changes you can expect to see.

How pregnancy occurs

Conception happens when a sperm fertilizes an egg in the woman’ fallopian tube. Once fertilized, the egg then travels down the tube to the uterus where it attaches to the lining of the wall about a week after conception. Here it will be nourished and grow to term.

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How your body changes when pregnant

As you will perceive and often openly sense, pregnancy changes almost every part of your body. This isn’t only physical, either. Emotional changes are a big part of pregnancy that women don’t always consider when going into it all.

  • Your uterus expands outward and upward with the growth of the baby. This will create pressure on your bladder, stomach, and other nearby organs.
  • You skin color may change on your forehead, nose, and cheeks. A dark line may form from your bellybutton down to your pubic area. Your areolae may also change color.
  • Your breast size will change, becoming larger, possibly a few times during your pregnancy.
  • Pink stretch marks will appear on your abdomen, breasts, and hips as your skin stretches to accommodate the baby.
  • Your hair may thicken. Soaring hormone levels make you lose less hair. You’ll also probably grow hair on places you’re not so fond of, such as the upper lip, stomach, back, and nipples. Thanks, hormones.
  • Your nails will tend to grow faster while pregnant, and they will also tend to become a coarser texture. Hello, manicures and pedicures for a dealing-with-pregnancy reward.
  • You will feel warmer and sweat a lot during pregnancy due to an increased metabolic rate and increased sweat gland activity.
  • Hormones also affect your moods. One day you’ll feel great, the next you’ll be weepy and blue.

There are other changes, but this list gives you a good idea of the kinds of changes to expect. If you have any questions about what’s going on during your pregnancy, don’t hesitate to call us at Women’s Health Medical Group, (817) 346-5336.

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