How To Cope With A Miscarriage

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April 2, 2015

Having a miscarriage is an extremely difficult experience. Women can experience a wide range of emotions, including extreme sadness, guilt and trouble expressing their distress. Nearly one in five women have a miscarriage in their lifetime. When a woman feels alone in her loss and doesn't deal with the miscarriage appropriately, it can be debilitating and lead to severe depression. But there are things that can be done that can make the loss easier and help her move on from the miscarriage.

Ways to Deal with a Miscarriage

  • Release the Guilt. After losing a baby to miscarriage, many women experience heavy guilt and feel as though the miscarriage is their fault. A miscarriage happens to a woman, it is not caused by her. Although it's not always easy, try to keep that in mind as time passes.
  • Seek Support. Although people deal with a miscarriage in their own way, everyone needs support. Seek out friends, family, or a support group and talk to them about feelings and thoughts regarding the miscarriage. Although many women feel like withdrawing after a miscarriage, those grieving should be surrounded by family and friends who can support them.
  • Consider Counseling. It's okay to be sad after a miscarriage. If thoughts and feelings about the miscarriage do not start improving within a few weeks, or the depression becomes so bad that daily activities are difficult to do, consider going to counseling. A professional therapist can help to ease the pain and assist women in moving on after miscarriage.

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